Elscint has completely changed its website (www.elscintautomation.com). The new website has more information relating to new product launches and new activities of the company. The website now has separate sections for vibratory bowl feeders, linear vibrators, vibrator controllers, small parts (conveyor) feeders etc. New sections include information about new products like Rotary Feeders and Loading & Unloading Units.

Additionally, a separate section has been added to focus on the various special applications of vibratory bowl feeders, offered by Elscint for certain industries like the Automatic Tapping Machine, the Automatic Riveting Machine, Taper Roller Feeding, Orientation & Pump Unit, Engine valve feeding & lifting unit, the Elscint Weld Nut Feeder, Stacking Machines, Half Bearing Feeding Systems, Elscint Counting Systems etc.  

Pdf files of catalogues & white papers are also available for downloading on the website including spare parts lists and information. The website is a dynamic one and has a separate section on the latest news & offerings from Elscint. This is continuously changed and would contain information on new product offerings or any special schemes being run!

A new section also deals with the services which Elscint provides for other bowl feeder manufacturers like bowl coating, tooled bowls, untooled bowls, vibrator drives etc.. Now, other bowl feeder manufacturers can now avail of Elscint’s expertise and economies of scale by dealing directly! A partnership program for small bowl feeder manufacturers is also available and details about the same can be found on the website.

Further the site includes videos of some of the latest equipment manufactured by Elscint well as a video showing maintenance of Elscint vibratory bowl feeders. You can also find information about all the accessories related to vibratory bowl feeders which Elscint offers over here. Another interesting aspect is various case studies & applications provided by Elscint. The weekly blog maintained by Elscint since 2006 can too be accessed on the website. You can also download the back copies of the Elscint Ahead Newsletter Do visit www.elscintautomation.com for further details in this regard.  

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