• Elscint offers sprayable polyurethane coatings for feeder bowls. Named Elscinthane, it has got a lot of utility.
  • Firstly, in case of metallic components, the noise level can be drastically reduced by eliminating the metal to metal contact.
  • Another major problem faced by customers is of feeding oily components. Oily components reduce / eliminate the friction between the components and the bowl track.
  • As vibrators work on the principle of friction, these results in the components slipping and hence they are not able to feed properly.
  • While providing the new bowl lining, Elscint has taken this into account and can provide a rough texture on the bowl lining. This results in proper friction between the components and the bowl, thus resulting in smooth flow of the components.
  • The Elscinthane linings can thus give either a smooth finish or a rough finish depending upon the end requirement of the customers feeding application.
  • The Elscinthane bowl linings are offered in various thicknesses ranging from 0.40 mm to even upto 2 mm and above.
  • The Elscinthane linings are presently available in green and red colour and look very good aesthetically. The Elscinthane coatings are US FDA approved and hence can even be used for pharmaceutical and food related applications, thus increasing its area of utilization.
  • The Elscinthane Linings having very high shore hardness increases the life of the bowl tremendously.
  • It can be used with either stainless steel, mild steel or even cast aluminuim bowls and hoppers. Elscint can also provide only coating / lining services for old bowls. This lining is available at a very competitive price and at a very low lead time.

Elscint can provide bowl coating / lining services for end users as well as other bowl feeder manufacturers at a very low lead time

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