Elscint Automatic Riverting Machines

Elscint manufactures an automatic riveting machine. In this, the rivets are fed through a vibratory bowl feeder to the riveting station. The other part (spring, strip etc.) can either be placed manually or automatically from another vibratory bowl feeder. Alternatively, the strip can be fed through a de-reeler and cut as per the requirement and fed automatically. Other options which are available is checking the spring / strip etc. before riveting, counting of the number of pieces riveted, automatic stoppage of machine when a wrong rivet / spring is fed etc. At the riveting point, the riveting takes place and the completed riveted assembly is blow out or removed manually as the case might be. For this a riveting head is mounted on a specially designed platform. This machine has received a very good response from various switchgear and contactor manufacturers. Productivity increases tremendously with the usage of this Elscint automatic riveting machine.

Elscint Screw & Washer Assembly Bowl Feeders

Elscint manufactures a novel vibratory bowl feeder which can assemble screws / bolts and washers. You just need to dump the screws and washers in the bowl feeder and they come out in an assembled fashion. Pokayoke concept has been implemented to ensure that not a single unassembled screw and washer come out of the bowl feeder. Normally, for assembly of screws and washers, two bowl feeders are required along with a motorized or pneumatic station where they are assembled. This bowl feeder using the new novel assembly concept pioneered by Elscint makes the assembly in only a single Vibratory Bowl Feeder. This not only saves space but also electricity consumption as only one single Vibratory Bowl Feeder is required and eliminates the need for one vibratory feeder and motorized assembly station. This vibratory bowl feeder has tremendous value for users of fasteners who presently have to assemble screws and washers by hand or have to use costly assembly equipment. Hence, this vibratory bowl feeder not only reduces labour but also helps improve productivity. As Elscint has made this an standard equipment, most of the components are kept in stock and deliveries can be fast.