Elscint has been manufacturing Gear Boxes since 1983 and is a reputed name for quality F.H.P. Worm Reduction Gear Boxes.

  • Elscint Speed reducers are required in many applications and the selection of the right type of speed reducer for a particular application is most important.
  • Elscint geared motors and gear boxes are compact and are suitable for low speed, high torque applications. Elscint reducers are available in single and double reduction versions.
  • They can be mounted in most convenient manner. And more suitable where space is at premium.


  • Elscint Gear box is directly mounted on the front motor flange. Elscint can offer Cast Iron and Al housing as per customers need.
  • Elscint gear boxes with flange mounting output shaft are also available is of hardened and ground alloy steel.
  • Worm is directly mounted on the motor shaft and other end is supported in the housing with the help of anti-friction ball bearings.
  • Worm wheel is of Phosphorus bronze material with tin  (Sn)% more than 7 to 8 %.The output shaft is supported in antifriction ball bearings.
  • Ground profile of worm and hob cut worm wheel with proper lubrication and correct methods of assembling, ensure high efficiencies during working conditions. Generally Elscint gear boxes are either oil or Grease Lubricated.
  • If the selection and mounting of the gear box/geared motor is proper then only maintenance work that is to be performed is of topping the oil/grease at predetermined interval.
  • Elscint geared motors and gear boxes are also available in double reduction units with reduction ratios of as high as 3600:1 in DM 38.38 model and 4900:1 in DM 38.52 model. Any permutation and combination of the standard ratios are possible.
  • Elscint Model DM38-52 offer same ratios with higher torque capacity upto 10 KGM Torque. Convenient mounting positions for foot mounted geared  motors are available are designed for easy adaptability and reduce assembly time at customers end.
  • Flange mounted geared motors are also available for direct mounting.


  • Standard Ratios 12:1, 18:1, 36:1, 48:1, 55:1, 60:1 in Model DM 38 and 12:1, 18:1, 24:1, 36:1, 48:1, 70:1 in Model DM 52.
  • Other ratios are available on request for single Reduction and multiple ratios in Double reduction Units

Types of Motors

  • 3 phase, 440 Volts, Foot mounted, tefc, 0.18 kw / 0.25 HP to 1 HP Motors with 1400 rpm or 2800 rpm are provided. Single Phase Motors and PMDC Motors can also be provided.


  • 1/8 BSP plus are provided at two places for model DM38, DM52 and DM38.52 models for the purpose of filling and removing the lubricating oils.
  • Recommended Lubricant is Grade 320. Elscint dispatched geared motors and gearboxes are filled with oil for operation from 10 degrees Celsius to 44 degrees Celsius.
  • For long life from the reducers, it is necessary to observe oil leakage, if any and make preventive re-fillings of the oil from time to time, to ensure that the gear is not running in dry condition.
  • The oil level should be checked and adjusted if required.
  • Speed reducers in normal operations can generate temperatures 75 degrees Celsius depending upon the application and the severity of the application (Loading, duration of service and ambient temperatures).