Elscint Sorting & Grading Unit

Elscint manufactures a sorting & grading unit for small shims. The Elscint sorting and grading Unit is designed to feed, sort and grade components like shims which require to be graded according to their thickness. This unit operates a speed in excess of 150 pieces per minute, depending on the size of the components. The system utilizes an Elscint vibratory bowl feeder of suitable model amongst the 6 Models of Elscint vibratory bowl feeders. The bowl feeder feeds the parts to a set of powered gauge rolls. These are powered by an Elscint geared motor of suitable rating. The inclination of the rolls, plus adjustable roll spacing from one end to the other enables parts to move / travel easily and rapidly into the desired position, while moving them to the discharge point. Undersized parts are first separated, followed by those within tolerance. Oversize and damaged or oversize parts continue to the end of the rolls and are discharged into a separate container. An important feature is that the rolls being counter-rotating does not bind or grip the parts and are extremely sensitive to fine tolerances. The basic unit works on a fixed speed, however, optionally Elscint can also offer sensor and a variable speed AC or DC motor fitted with an Elscint reduction unit. This unit offers high flexibility for the user and can also be used for sorting and grading of balls, taper rollers, pins and similar components.


Elscint Stacking Machine

Elscint manufactures a stacking machine for stacking items like bearings cages / bearing washers and such other components which need to be stacked. Components having a hole in between can be stacked with Elscint stacking machine. This can find applications in the bearing, battery and such allied industries. This machine is mounted on a table frame having size of 1400 mm x 700 mm x 620 mm. A hopper having storing capacity of 50 litres / 130 Ltrs. is placed on the left hand side. From this hopper the components when loaded will be unloaded into the tray of Elscint linear feeder, having some inclination. This will allow the components to move into the Elscint vibratory bowl feeder which has a level controller. Thus, when adequate quantity of the components are lowered into the bowl, the Elscint linear feeder will be switched off. Whenever the quantity in the Bowl goes below a predetermined lever, the Elscint linear feeder will be activated and loading of the components into the Elscint vibratory feeder bowl will restart. The components will move upwards on the track of the bowl and in the path they will be oriented according to the users requirement and only properly oriented components will be lowered into the metal magazine in front of the Elscint vibratory bowl feeder. Metal magazines, total 6 to 12 in number depending upon the component size are mounted on an indexing table, which is operated by Festo make pneumatics. Two proximity switches are mounted to sense the component level onto the metal magazine.


When the components are filled upto the level of both the proximity switches then the Elscint vibratory bowl feeder will be switched off and pneumatic solenoid having 230Volts AC powered coil will be operated and indexing table will be move to the next stage, bringing the empty magazine at the loading station. At this point the Elscint vibratory parts feeder will start again and stacking operation will continue.In case the components cannot be stacked properly due to their in built dimension, an Elscint agitator vibrator can be provided at the lower level, which is having Rt. angular holder where the components will be resting while being stacked. This Elscint agitator vibrator is timed to start and stop, which imparts the vibration to the stacked components. Due to these vibrations the components, which are not stacked properly, are given rotary movement get properly stacked.This system uses Elscint vibratory feeder Model 250 or 400, Elscint linear feeder Model I or II, Elscint hopper feeder, Elscint indexing table and Elscint agitator vibrator. Such other custom built automation systems can also be manufactured according to user requirements using the above Elscint products.