Elscint Partnership Program

Advantages to the Partner

1Price Preference on Vibrator Drives
2Drives & Bowl Stock can be kept with Partner
3Price Preference on Tooled Bowls Price
4Price Preference on Untooled / Semi-Tooled Bowls Price
5Components at lower cost (advantage of Elscint Volumes)
6Controllers & Bowl Coatings at lower cost (advantage of Elscint Volumes)
7Attractive Commissions in case Elscint directly supplies tooled Bowl Feeder to anybody in the Partner’s region
8Attractive Commissions in case any Special Purpose Solution / Machine is supplied in the Partner’s region
9Link on Elscint’s website for the Partner’s site
10Spares at lower cost (advantage of Elscint Volumes)
11Routing of all direct Inquiries through the Partner (in that region)

Advice / Help on Bowl Toolings

Get in touch at  for further information.