• When the requirement arises for very high speed orientation and feeding of parts, then the only alternative is to go for a Rotary or Centrifugal Feeder.
  • These can help achieve speeds of upto 50 meters per minute.
  • Secondly, there being no vibrations and only mechanical items, rotary feeders are more acceptable to a lot of customers who are afraid of the reliability of vibratory bowl feeders in the long run (however, using a vibratory bowl feeder from a reliable supplier like Elscint can reduce this inhibition).

Model RF 600

Model RF 800

Model RF 1200

Model RF 1500

  • Unique Double Disc drive design ensuring high speed, proper orientation & no jamming
  • Separate Variable Frequency Drives, ensuring proper speed / feed rate
  • Sturdy design with excellent build quality
  • Optional provision for reversing of discs possible
  • Pharmaceutical grade Rotary Feeders possible
  • Elscinthane PU coating possible (food grade coating also available)
  • Low noise level
  • Clean & easy to maintain
  • Variety of components can be fed in the same Rotary Feeder with simple changeover tooling

A comparison chart mentioning the advantages & disadvantages of Rotary or Centrifugal Feeders vis a vis Vibratory Bowl Feeders are given below

Vibratory bowl feeder
Rotary / Centrifugal Feeder
Maximum speed 12 to 15 meters / minute 50 meters / minute
Usage of Air Jets Maybe required for high speed / critical orientation Mostly required for easy flow & orientation
Variety of parts which can be oriented & fed Almost all parts Only certain parts can be fed & oriented (eg. bottle caps, cylindrical rollers, needle rollers, flat and cylindrical drippers, bearing races, bearing rings etc)
Electrical supply 1 Phase 3 Phase
Possibility of damage to parts Negligible Sometimes possible for brittle parts
Loading quantity High (depending upon model) Less (Stock feeder / Hopper Elevator always required.
Variety of components Possible with changeover tooling Possible with changeover tooling
Food Grade Quality Available Available
Maintenance Negligible Negligible

Examples of Elscint Rotary Feeders

Round Dripper RF 800

  • Dripper size – (dia 16 mm x 40 mm length) -Speed achieved – 800 parts per minute
  • Dripper size – (dia 16 mm x 70 mm length) -Speed achieved – 500 parts per minute

Flat Dripper RF 800

  • Dripper size – (6 mm x 37 mm length)
    • Speed achieved – 600 parts per minute – with curved side up
    • Orientation – Curved side up
  • Dripper size – (8 mm x 41 mm length)
    • Speed achieved – 500 parts per minute – with curved side up
    • Orientation – Curved side up

Rotary Feeder RF 1200

    • Bearing Ring sizes – dia 40 mm to dia 80 mm
      • Speed achieved – 300 to 500 parts per minute

Rotary Feeder RF 1500

  • Bearing Ring sizes – dia 40 mm to dia 110 mm
    • Speed achieved – 200 to 400 parts per minute