Elscint recently manufactured two bowl feeders for a customer where the requirement was to feed metal sleeves and ceramic bushings. They were required to be assembled into each other. The customer wanted double outlets for each of them. The sleeve was having dia 14 mm x 32 mm length. One end was having bigger diameter than the other. The bigger diameter was supposed to be on the top and the smaller dia at the bottom. However, in the bowl feeder, the parts came lengthwise and even getting them with the smaller dia down was not possible. Hence, first the parts were made to stand with the smaller dia up, then a single line was converted into two and both the outlets were twisted in 180 degrees to make the sleeves bigger dia up. This required a lot of high precision labour work to ensure that the part movement was smooth and flawless.
In the other bowl feeder, the ceramic bushing came in the correct way more of the times and the same was taken forward with the wrong parts made to fall back into the bowl. In this bowl too, a single line was converted tinto double line for ensuring two outlets.
For both the sleeve as well as the bushing, singulators were used for ease of pick up. The parts were made to slide on one side (towards each other) on SMC slides to ensure that the pneumatics do not protrude out as space was a constraint. Sensors were provided for part presence confirmation.
For each of the two bowl feeders for the sleeve as well as bushing, hoppers were provided for extra loading capacity so that the operator need not refill for 4 hours.
You can watch the video of the sleeve feeder and the bushing one here.

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