Elscint has developed a special rotary feeder for feeding of taper rollers. Various sizes of taper rollers right from dia 6 mm to dia 40 mm can be fed in the same machine with very easy changeover tooling. In fact, all the tooling on the feeder is fixed with knobs making the changeover possible without any tools.
The rotary feeder consists of two rotating discs, both of whom rotate at separate variable speeds. This ensures easy damage free movement of the rollers inside the feeder. The inner disc is kept at an angle while the outer disc is kept flat. The rollers pass from the inner disc to the outer disc, getting into a single line and then come out of the rotary feeder. Ahead of the rotary feeder a motorised roller orientation unit is fixed on which the taper rollers fall one after another. The counter rotating rollers of the orientation unit ensures that the taper rollers do not stick or jam on the orientation unit.
The roller orientation unit ensures that the minor diameter of the taper rollers falls first into a tube and can be taken forward for the next operation. The roller orientation unit also ensures that any plus or minus sizes, if loaded by mistake are easily segregated into separate bins. A sensor on the tube which feeds from the roller orientation unit ensures that the rotary feeder is switched off once the tube is full.
The complete equipment is enclosed with a top polycarbonate cover to ensure that safety and dust concerns are taken care off. An electrical panel with 3 VFDs (two for each of the two motors of the rotary feeder and one for the roller orientation unit motor complete the equipment. The VFDs make it possible to provide easy and trouble free operation. The equipment has the hallmark of all Elscint products like excellent build quality, sturdy and flawless design with superb functionality. You can watch the video of the equipment.

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