Elscint recently manufactured a set of vibratory bowl feeders (clockwise + anti-clockwise) for feeding of WFIs. The orientation required was lengthwise with bigger end forward. The requirement was for two rows and a speed of 60 parts per minute per row was required. There were total of 4 types of WFIs ranging from 5 ml WFIs (20 x 15 x 56 mm length) to 30 ml WFIs (26 x 19 x 78 mm). The speed / feed rate required was the same for all. Model 630 vibrator drive with a dia 1100 mm bowl was used for this purpose. As there were two rows, proper air jet provision was given in the track which was faster to throw back the WFIs once the outer track was full. When the inner track (which was slower) got full, the bowl feeder was switched off. The orientation was done at two places to ensue that the final output was in the correct orientation.
The required feed rate was achieved and the equipment was dispatched to the customer for integrating with his machine. You can watch the video of the Clockwise bowl feeder as Anti-clockwise one

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