Elscint recently manufactured and supplied a simple set up for stacking of round “O” cores. The customer wanted to stack the same in a a cardboard box, 15 columns and 15 rows per box. The customer wanted a unique and reasonably priced solution for his problem. Elscint designed it’s a vibratory bowl feeder using its Model with a cylindrical to get the cores in axial position. 15 cores were then taken forward onto a stationary track. Once the track was full, a sensor at the end of the track provided signal of the completion. Thereafter a top cylinder came down and held the parts in place. Thereafter another cylinder pushed the parts forward onto the cardboard box. Once the parts were pushed, the top cylinder went up releasing the parts and after the same moved out, the parts would move out and the forward cylinder would retract for the next set of components to be filled in and released. The complete cycle time would take around 2 minutes. This ensured that the operator could do some other job while the stacking was going on.

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