Elscint recently manufactured and exported two vibratory bowl feeders to Europe. It was again for the sister concern of an old customer of Elscint from Norway, who has been purchasing similar bowl feeders from Elscint since 2012 on a regular basis. Now the other company too has started purchasing Elscint feeders regularly. One bowl feeder was for feeding rectangular rollers having diameter 9 mm x 4.5 x 15 mm length. The orientation was lengthwise and flat end standing with a required feed rate of just 60 parts per minute. Elscint achieved a speed of 250+ parts per minute. Proper overflow was provided in the bowl ensuring proper & consistent feeding. The second unit was for feeding of U type studs with orientation of U inverted. The speed required was just 12 to 15 parts per minute. The achieved speed was 100+ parts per minute. In both the cases over flow provision was provided to ensure that the parts do not block the pathway once the outlet is stopped.

The equipment was sent by air freight to the customers works to reach him much before the expected completion date. You can watch the video of this bowl feeder for the U Studs and that for the rectangular studs.


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