Elscint, recently completed a project where the requirement was to stack the parts, which were rectangular metal plates. The parts were having size for stacking of metal parts having dimensions 23 mm x 17 mm x 3.2 mm thickness. The parts were to be stacked with the smaller length at the bottom. Elscint used a Model 400 Cast Al bowl for this purpose. Cast aluminum bowls are modular and work exceedingly good. The life can be good once they are coated. Hence, the bowls were coated with Elscinthane PU coating.

In the bowl, the parts were oriented in the required direction. The ones which were in the wrong direction were turned while they dropped. This ensured that they came up in the correct way the second time. Further the parts were fed into a linear track of just 300 mm length and thereafter, they were stacked by pushing them onto a 200 mm long track with a pneumatic cylinder. Elscint provided sensors at various positions to ensure proper synchronization. The speed required was just 10 parts per minute. However, a feed rate of 40 parts per minute was achieved. In case the 200 mm long track got full, further pushing of the plates was stopped till the time the track was empty. This ensured that the bowl feeder and linear track could be switched off during this time, thus saving on time and energy. The order was for 4 units and once the first one was checked, the customer immediately gave the go ahead for the balance 3 and they too were dispatched within the required timeframe.

You can watch the video of this bowl feeder for stacking of the metal parts






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