Elscint, recently supplied two feeding systems for feeding of clips for fixing glass. It was in fact a repeat order similar to two sets supplied more than 5 years back. These two sets have been working at the customer’s end in Manesar, India 24 x 7 for the last 5 years without any problem. The robustness and superior build quality of Elscint feeding systems ensure long lasting products which require zero maintenance for years.

The requirement consisted of a vibratory bowl feeder, a linear track and a hopper for extra loading quantity. The parts to be fed were plastic clips having size 35 x 35 x 12 mm thickness with a clip like profile. The open side was to be maintained away from the bowl centre. The parts always came in the opposite direction and hence a 180 degrees twist was required. Ahead of the bowl feeder a 800 mm long linear track was provided to take the parts upto the customer’s machine. The parts being pretty big, only about 300 could be accommodated in the bowl at one time while the feed rate required was 30 parts per minute. Hence, a 50 ltr. hopper with level controller was provided for extra loading capacity. This ensured longer intervals between reloading of parts in the bowl. The actual feed rate achieved was more than 50 parts per minute. The complete assembly was mounted on a stand and supplied to the customer location in Manesar.

You can have a look at the video of the same.



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