Elscint, recently supplied 4 vibratory bowl feeders for feeding of tablets at a high speed to Ukraine. It is heartening to know that even during the war, industry in Ukraine is functioning normally. Coming to the feeding requirement, these tablets are dispensed into bottles during formation of the bottles. This particular customer from Ukraine has been purchasing such bowl feeders from Elscint regularly since 2004. The requirement was for feeding of the tablets, which were dia 10 x 5 mm thick at a speed of more than 500 per minute. Ahead of the bowl feeder, a linear vibrator too was provided at a slat of 12 degrees which was adjustable from 5 degrees to 15 degrees. The speed achieved was 900 tablets a minute. A sensor was affixed on the linear track so that once the track was full the bowl feeder was switched off. The customer had a mechanical singulating mechanism for feeding of single tablets into glass bottles passing on a conveyor. This is required in glass factories where one tablet needs to be inserted into a single glass bottle. The bottles pass on a conveyor at a very high speed of almost 500 bottles per minute immediately after forming. Hence, they are extremely hot, making this insertion very difficult. As the environment is very hot, the bowl feeder coils and controller have to be made capable for the same.
In fact, if required, Elscint can also provide the singulating mechanism (mechanical singulator) for this application ensures that a single tablet is released into a bottle. This mechanism is fitted on a linear vibrator ahead of the bowl feeder. This special singulator is actuated with the help of the passing bottle and one tablet can be dispensed into the bottle.
If the bottles have variable heights, Elscint can provide a single post stand with (+/-) 150 mm height adjustment to accommodate the various bottles. Even though the conveyor height remains the same, as the bottle height changes, the single post stand can make it easy to align the outlet with the bottle. Elscint has been manufacturing these type of feeders on a regular basis and has at least 30 installations in various countries, but mainly in Ukraine since 2004 which are still working very well showing the excellent build quality and robustness of Elscint equipment. You can watch the video of the bottle dispensing equipment here.

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