Elscint, recently completed a project where the requirement was to feed Rubber Seals having diameter 15 mm x 10 mm thickness at a very high speed. The requirement was to feed the Rubber Seals in “Flat” orientation at a speed of 400 parts per minute with a pneumatic singulator. A hopper for storing 25000 Rubber Seals was also required along with a 500 mm long linear track with the pneumatic escapement and a stand to mount the complete system.
The Rubber Seals where to be fed onto a revolving glass top of the customer for camera based vision inspection, 7 seals at a time. Elscint used its Model 250 cast aluminium step design bowl, coated with Elscinthane PU coating. This ensured high speed as cast aluminium bowls result in very high speeds due to their inbuilt properties. A 500 mm length machined track was mounted on the linear vibrator for carrying the Rubber Seals from the bowl to the revolving glass top of the customer. The Pneumatic escapement was mounted at the end of the linear track ensuring that only 7 seals were released per stroke. As the speed was very high, a bulk storage hopper having capacity to store 25000 Rubber Seals was provided. A flap type level indicator in the bowl ensured that the hopper would start / stop as per the level of components in the bowl. This whole system was mounted on a single stand. The stand was mounted on PU levelling screws with grouting provision. The complete system was completed and supplied in less than 4 weeks from receipt of the order. You can have a look at the video of the same.

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