Elscint recently supplied 10 vibratory bowl feeders for feeding of long length valve. The valve was having a head diameter of 20 mm, tail of 8 mm and total length of 165 mm. Usually, most bowl feeder manufacturers are incapable of handling such long length parts. However, due to the versatility of Elscint vibrator drives which allow for bigger diameter bowls to work on the vibrator drives with ease, it becomes possible to feed such parts. In this particular case, Model 400 HD was used with a bowl having diameter of 800 mm, ensuring that the bowl diameter divided by the part length was around 5X. This ensured that the parts came up the bowl easily and could be engaged on its head. The orientation required was head up and speed / feed rate required was 60+ parts per minute. This was easily achieved in the Model 400 HD which is a very heavy drive which works with 3 half wave coils mounted at the periphery of the drive. In fact, the customer first ordered 2 numbers and after observing the performance of the same for a couple of months, placed order for the balance 8.
You can watch the video of the bowl feeder

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