Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of two types of brass parts of different sizes in the same Bowl. Both the parts were like studs with heads. While one was having dia 17 x 39.50 mm length, the other was having dia 4 x 47.50 mm length.
The customer wanted to used this bowl feeder for feeding to two separate machines which were kept opposite to each other, though slightly offset. Hence, the need to provide two outlets at an angle of 180 degrees to each other. The machines were CNC turning Machines and hence, the requirement was to get the component with the head towards the collet as the machining was to be done on the tail of the component. Hence, Elscint provided a gravity chute for each of the outlets with a pneumatic escapement to release one part at a time, again two of them for each of the two tracks. Changeover tooling was provided inside the bowl so that both the components could be accommodated in the same. The top cover of the gravity chute was to be changed for each of these components, though the track remained the same. As there were two outlets, proper overflow was provided for each of the two tracks to ensure that in case any one track got full, the extra parts fell back into the bowl. Further, sensors on both the tracks ensured that in case both got full, the bowl feeder was switched off. The complete feeding system was mounted on a cubical stand which had a (+/-) 100 mm ht. adjustment for proper alignment with the machines. You can watch the video of this feeding system for the first part and the second part.

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