Recently an American company who had supplied their tablet packing machine to a customer in South India contacted Elscint that the bowl feeder on their machine was not working satisfactorily and the supplier was not giving any solution. Hence, Elscint arranged for the visit of its service Engineer to the location of the customer. The diagnosis was that the bowl feeder being made for 110 V / 60 Hz supply was not functioning in Indian conditions where the input was 220 V / 50 Hz. The American company was already fed up with their supplier in the USA and hence requested Elscint to replace the same. The major requirement in this case was that the mounting of the vibrator and the outlet point should match rest of the equipment. The bowl feeder was manufactured to the required specifications and also a X-Y-Z adjustment along with a radial adjustment was provided to ensure that if any further adjustment was required on the site, it would be easy. As this was a pharmaceutical requirement, the bowl was made completely in SS 316L grade and even the adjustments were made in stainless steel. Further, all stainless steel hex bolts were used. The speed required was more than 1200 tablets per minute (dia 10 mm tablets). Elscint could achieve more than 1400 tablets per minute. Adjustment was required for tablets from dia 6 mm to dia 15 mm. This too was provided.
You can watch the video of the tablet feeder here.

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