Elscint recently supplied a vibratory feeding and stacking system to a customer in the USA for stacking internal as well as external circlips along with half rings. The customer wanted to stack the circlips on a tube, from where they would be packing the same. The range of circlips included internal as well as external circlips and diameters ranging from OD dia 10 mm to OD dia 65 mm. The thickness of the circlips varied from 1 mm to 3 mm. The speed required was upto 400 parts per minute. The distance between the opening of the external circlip was just 0.8 mm while that of the external circlip was upto 25 mm for the bigger sizes. This led to problems about holding the external circlip on the vibrating tube (which was mounted on a linear vibrator) while the problems associated with internal circlips were that they used to entangle, thus making the feeding difficult.
Elscint regularly manufactures this type of equipment and a similar one for sizes upto dia 40 mm was supplied to the same customer in the USA a few months back. This time, the requirement was for slightly larger sizes and hence Model 630 was used vis a vis Model 400 used earlier. Secondly, an outer track bowl was used so that the problem of entanglement was reduced to the maximum extent possible.
To increase the stacking speed, especially for the bigger circlips, two outlets were used to ensure that the stacking took place at two separate places with two separate linear vibrators.
Thus, after orienting the circlips in the bowl feeder, they were taken onto two separate 800 mm long tubes which were mounted on the two linear vibrators. A speed or feed rate of 150+ parts per minute was achieved for the stacking. Separate tables with height adjustments of (+/-) 100 mm were provided for the vibratory bowl feeder and the linear vibrator so that they could be adjusted as per the size of the circlips and rings. The equipment was made suitable for 110 V / 60 Hz input supply as it was being exported to the United States. You can watch the video of the external circlip stacking.

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