Elscint recently manufactured and exported a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of plastic scoops. The requirement was from an American customer. The scoop was having a diameter of 60 mm and ht. of 40 mm. The length of the tail was 110 mm. The requirement was to feed the same at a speed of 100 + parts per minute. The bowl was designed in a such a way that almost 100% of the scoops were used, whatever way they came. For this proper tooling was designed to get them into the correct direction. This ensured that the required speed was maintained.
A step / cascade design bowl was fabricated Bowl for this purpose. In case of scoop feeding, not only is the Orientation very critical but the speed or feed rate required to be achieved is also very high. The advantage of this new type of bowl is that at the end any required orientation can be provided to the customer. Additionally, singling or escapement was provided which in turn helps in releasing one scoop at a time so that the same can be packed in a carton. As the length of the scoops was more than 110 mm, Model 630 having a bowl diameter of approximately 1000 mm was used for this purpose. Elscint’s patented escapement with a SMC make pneumatic cylinder along with F/R/L and valves were used. The equipment was dispatched to the USA and hence was designed to work on 110 V / 60 Hz / 1 Phase input power.
You can watch the scoop bowl feeder video.

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