Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding and orienting of dental floss packs. The requirement was from a large multinational FMCG company’s plant in Mexico. The requirement was to orient the packs in one direction and feed the same at a speed of 100 packs per minute. The packs were having a diameter of 60 mm and thickness of 20 mm. The opening side had to be down and the side base which was flat had to be facing the bowl centre. The orientation was very complicated and difficult as the cap had just a 0.5 mm protrusion and it was not possible to hold it on that. However, there was a printed label on the cap side. Using this as base, Elscint used a small vision camera to check the label. If the label was up, the pack passed through while if it was down, it was blown back into the bowl. Most of the times, the packs came with the labels down. Hence, all the packs were twisted in 180 degrees to get the labels up and improve the feed rate. After blowing out the wrong packs, the rest of the packs were taken forward and made to stand up on the flat surface. Whichever pack did not so stand up, was again removed and recirculated with an air blow. Then finally the packs were again twisted in 90 degrees to get them into the correct position as required by the customer. As against the required speed of 100 parts per minute, a speed of 120 parts per minute was achieved. The equipment was packed and dispatched by air freight to the customer’s plant in Mexico. As the packs were quite large and the speed required too was more, Model 620 with a step / cascade bowl was used for this application. The electrical & pneumatic controls required for the camera as well as the vibrator controller were housed in a separate box. The final destination being Mexico, the unit was designed to work with 110 V / 60 Hz / 1 Phase input supply.
You can watch the bowl feeder here.

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