Elscint, recently completed one more project where the requirement was to feed plastic part of an electrical switch having sizes 38 mm length x 32 mm ht. in a bowl feeder. The customer had purchased a similar bowl feeder about 4 months back and being satisfied with the quality of the equipment, immediately ordered another one. A total of 4 parts needed to the fed in the same bowl. Two were quite similar but other two were having a different orientation. The requirement was to feed all the 4 parts in the same bowl feeder with least amount of changeover. The part being the electrical switch, the customer did not want any scratches on the same due to rubbing on the bowl surface or due to contact between two parts. Additionally, a total of 2000 parts was to be accommodated in the bowl. Hence, Elscint recommended a slightly bigger bowl feeder for this requirement, namely, Model 630 with step / cascade type bowl a 1000 mm diameter. To ensure that the noise level would be within permissible levels, a noise enclosure lined with acoustic foam was provided for the complete bowl feeder. Ahead of the bowl feeder, a 1200 mm long conveyor was placed with variable drive on which vision inspection of the parts was to be conducted. The electrical panel was provided on a separate stand to isolate the same from vibrations of the bowl feeder. The conveyor too was completely covered to ensure that all safety requirements are taken care of. A speed of more than 60 to 90 + parts per minute was achieved (depending upon the variety being fed) as against 50 parts per minute required by the customer.
You can watch the video of this feeding system.

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