Elscint recently manufactured a bowl feeder for feeding of a brass part having diameter 16 x 30 mm length. One end was round while the other was hollow. The weight of the part was more on the side of the round end. The requirement was to feeding the brass parts in a rolling direction with the hollow end towards bowl centre. This required that the parts be made standing and then twist them to roll forward. Almost all the parts came out axially with most of them coming with the round side leading. The parts would not stand on the round side and hence it was required to get the hollow side forward so that a step can be provided to make them standing and then a side twist could get them in the required rolling orientation. However, its easier said than done when it comes to vibratory bowl feeders! However, Elscint found a solution by providing double steps to get them in the required direction and then most of them could be made to stand up. As against a required speed of 30 parts per minute, more than 80 parts per minute was achieved in this manner. A gravity chute was provided ahead of the bowl feeder with a pneumatic escapement to release one part at a time. The complete assembly was mounted on a square tube stand. The customer wanted fast delivery and the complete equipment was designed, tooled and dispatched within just 15 days.
You can watch the video of this bowl feeder for feeding of the Brass parts.

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