Elscint recently a small trader approached Elscint for manufacturing a vibratory counting system for paper sleeves. The requirement was to count and pack 2000 sleeves in one lot. The customer was a small trader and could not afford costly equipment. Further, he did not have a compressor and hence using pneumatic elements like cylinders as not possible. The daily quantity to be counted was high and accordingly, he required a speed of at lease 150 sleeves per minute to meet his requirement.
Elscint provided a basic bowl feeder feeding the sleeves and a counting sensor was attached at the end of the gravity chute. After the set number of parts was counted, the bowl feeder was switched off and had to be manually reset. A speed of 200 parts was achieved which was in excess of that required by the customer. The equipment too was completed in 2 weeks as per the client’s request for an early delivery. You can watch the video of the counting equipment here.
If you have any particular feeding or counting requirement, whatever your budget, do get in touch with us so that we can offer you a solution.

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