Elscint recently completed a project where the requirement was to feed a plastic container and a cap separately. The container was having size dia 27.50 x 41.70 mm length and the requirement was to feed the same in a tube with the closed side forward onto the conveyor of the customer. A pneumatic escapement or singulator was also required at the end so that only one container could be released onto the conveyor. As the diameter of the container was lesser than the height of the same, most of the containers came in lengthwise direction or rolling. Hence provision was provided in the bowl to make them standing with the open side up. Thereafter the same were dropped into a tubular outlet of the bowl, vertically down. Then a gravity wire chute was provided. The pneumatic escapement was mounted on the gravity chute which ensured that only one container was fed at a time, that too after receipt of signal from the customer. A speed of 120 parts per minute was achieved.
The other bowl was for caps to be fitted onto the container. The caps were having dia 30 mm x 10 mm thickness. Most of the caps came with the open end up. These were required to be fed with open end down. Hence, a sector type gravity track was designed for twisting them in 180 degrees. This was not attached to the bowl but mounted separately. Thereafter, a stopper arrangement was provided with a spring mechanism so that the caps could be pulled out by the moving containers on the conveyor. A speed of 200 caps per minute was achieved in this case. You can watch the video of the container bowl feeder and the one for plastic caps.

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