Elscint Taper Roller, Feeding, Orientation and Elevating Pump Unit is a system designed for Feeding and Orienting Taper Rollers for Taper Roller Bearings. This system utilizes an Elscint Vibratory Bowl Feeder Model 400. The Taper Rollers are fed through the Elscint Vibratory Bowl Feeder in to two sets of Elscint Motorised Gauge Rolls. The inclination of the rolls, plus adjustable roll spacing from one end to the other enables parts to move / travel easily and rapidly into the desired position. An important feature is that the rolls being counter-rotating do not bind or grip the parts and are extremely sensitive to fine tolerances. The rolls are driven by an Elscint Single Reduction Geared Motor Model DM 38. The Taper Rollers are then fed into two separate pump units driven by a suitable Elscint Single Reduction Geared Motor Model DM 52 (the pump unit then elevates the rollers to the desired height from where they can be fed by gravity to the work station where they are needed. The full system thus consists of one Elscint Vibratory Bowl Feeder, two sets of two counter rotating rolls for feeding, two Motorised Pump Units, Sensors and a Control Panel. The biggest advantage is that the output is not only doubled with the help of two outlets but the need of two full systems is eliminated. This unit is very popular in Bearing and allied industries and Elscint keeps most items in stock so that an early delivery can be assured. Elscint also offers this unit at a very competitive price. Recently, Elscint supplied this unit to a leading taper bearing manufacturer for their assembly operation. The taper rollers which were fed were from dia 6 mm to dia 30 mm and length and having lengths from 8 mm to 44 mm. Elscint provided easy changeover tooling consisting of a U tube with a straight tube for each size. The changeover between the U tubes was made very easy for the operator. Another additional new point added was a noise enclosure for the vibratory bowl feeder and a oil collecting provision with tray for collecting the excessive oil on the taper rollers. This ensured the life of the equipment was enhanced and had a positive effect on the performance of the same.

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