Elscint recently supplied two sets of vibratory bowl feeders for a system integrator where the requirement was to feed plastic caps with the open side forward. It was also required to convey the caps about 800 mm away from the centre of the bowl feeder as the machine did not have space to keep the bowl feeder close. Hence, it was recommended to use Model 250 EV which has a 500 mm bowl diameter for this application. The caps were oriented with the open side up at the end of the bowl feeder. After the same the caps were then further taken forward on a linear vibrator and then taken down in a sector type machined chute to make them “open side forward” as they entered the customers fixture. A stainless steel step design bowl was fabricated for this application. The linear track as well as the sector type chute were completely machined in stainless steel and attached to the bowl feeder. A common base plate was provided to ensure that the complete system could easily be integrated with the equipment of the customer. A speed of 100 caps per minute was achieved as against the requirement of 30 caps per minute. Sensors were fixed on the tracks to ensure that the bowl feeder was switched off once the track was full, thus reducing the continuous noise emanating from the same. You can watch the video of the equipment.

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