Elscint recently completed orders for a total of four vibratory bowl feeders for feeding of separate parts for insertion in a mould. The requirement was to feed them and further singulate the same for ease of pick up by the robot of the customer. Space was a constraint and the customer wanted all of the bowl feeders on a single base plate with same / multiple linear tracks and separate singulations.
Elscint provided a solution for the same by feeding the four parts through separate bowl feeders. Two Model 160, one Model 250 and one Model 400 were used for this purpose. Further, a common linear vibrator was provided for the Model 250 and Model 400. Another requirement was that all the bowl feeders should be mounted on a common base plate and the singulation was to be in the same plain. In case of one bowl feeder, a hopper was required to match the required buffer quantity expected in the bowl. This too was provided with a level controller. Among the four parts, were two screws, one washer which required one particular orientation and a brass stud. Each of the bowl feeders was working at a speed / feed rate of above 150 parts per minute.
You can watch the video of the equipment.

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