Elscint recently manufactured a double outlet vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of razor blade covers (without cartridges) in two outlets. The parts were transparent and could come in a total of 8 ways. In fact, only one was required and most parts never came in that way! However, an innovative air blow concept was used to turn the parts in 180 degrees so that most parts came in the required orientation. The parts coming in any other direction were eliminated and recycled back into the bowl. This ensured that the required speed / feed rate of 60 parts per minute per row was achieved. Along with the bowl feeder a 1 mtr. Long double track gravity chute was supplied to that the covers upto the customer singulation system. As the covers were transparent and susceptible to getting dirty and scratches, Elscinthane Pu coating was applied to the bowl. This also ensured that there was no contact of the parts with the bowl and also increasing the friction between the bowl and the parts. This lead to not only smooth functioning but also faster and flawless movement of parts. You can watch the video of the bowl feeder for feeding razor blade covers. .

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