Elscint recently manufactured a Vibratory Bowl Feeder for feeding of a syringe having a bottom cap having diameter 32 mm and length 106 mm. The top side was oval and having less size then the bottom cap. The customer required the top up and bottom cap down. However, as the bottom cap diameter was more, all the syringes came with the bottom cap up. Making them vertical with the bottom cap up was the only solution. After this, the syringes were twisted 180 degrees in a wire cut track and made reverse as required by the customer with the bottom cap down. Thereafter, the same were taken forward on a linear track of 800 mm length and dropped one by one in a pipe which fell on the conveyor of the customer. A pneumatic escapement was provided to ensure one syringe fell out at one time on receipt of signal from the customer’s PLC. A speed of 100+ syringes per minute duly singulated was achieved, while the bowl feeder speed was 120 syringes per minute. The complete assembly was mounted on a stainless steel table with side and top cladding. The pneumatic escapement too was made in stainless steel. Model 630 step bowl was used for this application. You can watch the video of the Syringe Bowl feeder..

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