Elscint recently manufactured eight vibratory feeding systems for feeding of uranium pallets to a centerless grinding machine. In fact, Elscint had already supplied 12 similar systems earlier to the same customer.
The pellets were having diameter 12 mm to 16 mm and length too varied between 12 mm to 18 mm. Handling of uranium pellets is hazardous for the operator and hence the customer wanted to automate his process. The earlier systems supplied by Elscint had been working continuously to the satisfaction of the customer without any problems. In fact, the earliest supply was more than 12 years back and hence the customer was confident about ordering more repeat systems. The customer had seen that the output of his grinding machines had increased tremendously due to automatic feeding and productivity too had increased. Another advantage of feeding the pellets automatically is that the chipping percentage reduces if the vibrator bowl is optimally designed. The complete equipment consisted of a vibratory bowl feeder and conveyor ahead of the same. Thereafter a linear vibrator with a V type chute was provided to take the parts upto the grinding machine work-rest. Additionally, a loading tray with a linear vibrator was provided on the top of the vibratory bowl feeder for loading the pellets through their boat. The complete vibratory bowl feeder was covered with a noise enclosure with a top polycarbonate cover to ensure that no fumes came out of the equipment. The fumes being radioactive, it was imperative that a separate suction be provided to ensure that the same are removed. Provision was made for this too. A cubical Stand with (+/-) 250 mm ht. adjustment and X – Y movement was provided for ease of adjustment.
The customer was worried about the extent of chipping of the pallets and removal of the chips and dust. For this, proper dust holes were provided with a pipe to take out the dust and chips from the equipment. They were accumulated in a separate bin. The bowl was lined with Brushlon coating to ensure that chipping was negligible and also the feed rate was improved. A total feed rate of 250 pellets per minute was achieved.
Elscint not only completed this equipment but installed and commissioned the same at the customers plant. You can have a look at the video of the same.

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