Elscint, the leading vibratory bowl feeder manufacturer and System Integrator from India has recently supplied two Semi-Automatic Riveting Machines to a leading switchgear manufacturer. Each strip had two rivets and they were fed through two separate vibratory bowl feeders to the riveting fixture. The other part, the strip was kept manually by the operator. Thereafter the operator pressed two buttons on either side for activating the hydro pneumatic press of 4 tons capacity which was placed about the fixture. After the pressing operation, the rivetted strip was ejected out automatically and the next two rivets were again kept in position automatically. This ensured that the cycle time was reduced and the operator could complete the work faster. The operator could complete 15 cycles per minute vis a vis 5 in case of completely manual operation. All safety aspects were taken care of like providing a safety curtain, provision for ensuring that double rivets don’t come and the rivetted strip gets ejected properly. The equipment was supplied with a Siemens make LOGO PLC ensuring proper controls. A counter was also provided so that the number of completed components could be tracked.
The second machine was almost similar but with a different rivet size and there were two strips which could be used on the same machine intermittently without any formal changeover. One strip has a single rivet while the other had two rivets. For the single rivet strip, provision was made to ensure that two strips could be placed on the fixture at one time, further increasing productivity.
You can watch the videos of the first machine and the second machine.

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