Elscint, recently completed an order where the requirement was to feed a sheet metal part to a punching machine of the customer. The customer presently had made a gravity chute in which the parts were fed manually by the operator. The cycle time was 20 parts per minute. To reduce the need to have an operator sitting there feeding the parts for all 3 shifts, the customer, who is based in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, near Bengaluru approached Elscint for a solution. The sheet metal part was difficult to orient as there was a particular radius on one side due to which the part would slide and fall back into the bowl. Another requirement was to complete the work within 10 days as the plant head was getting transferred and he wanted to automate the line before he left. Elscint took up the challenge and shipped the bowl feeder within 8 days of receipt of the order. Along with the bowl feeder, Elscint provided a single post stand and a gravity chute for taking the component upto the present machine chute. The single post stand had an height adjustment of (+/-) 100 mm with the help of a 250 mm long screw and additionally was mounted on levelling screws. Model 400 with a cast aluminium bowl having diameter of 700 mm was used for this purpose. Elscint also completed the installation at the customer’s end before the end of the month. You can watch the video of the bowl feeder.

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