Elscint has developed a unique vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of Box Capacitors of various sizes with simple changeover tooling. The sizes of the Box Capacitors range from dia 15 mm to dia 60 mm and length varies from 15 mm to 70 mm. All these have to be fed in the same bowl with proper and easy changeover tooling. Elscint has standardized on its Model 400 with a Cast Aluminium bowl for this purpose. The bowl is coated with Elscinthane PU coating and has the changeover tooling capable of easy adjustment so that all the above sizes can be fed. The bowl can be modified to ensure either the leds can be towards the bowl centre / away from bowl centre, facing sky or even facing the ground. The basic bowl and orientation mechanism remains the same and thereafter the box capacitors are twisted in the required direction. Elscint recently supplied a similar bowl feeder to a major capacitor manufacturer in India. In fact, the customer had a bowl feeder from Taiwan which was not working properly and further, the springs plates used to break almost everyday. Elscint not only provided the replacement for the same but also undertook to install the same on the customer’s stand and arranged to integrate it with the customer’s equipment so that there was zero downtime during the changeover. Elscint even offered its usual lifetime guarantee on spring breakage to the customer. The customer has many bowl feeders from Germany, Taiwan and China. In case of all, there is the problem of spring breakage. Elscint’s guarantee comes as a huge cost saving for the customer and he is contemplating replacing most of those. You can watch the video of the bowl feeder for smaller size capacitors and also for bigger size ones.

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