Elscint recently manufactured and supplied a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of a plastic part which did not rest on its base properly. The reason was that the base was at a 34 degrees angle. The part was such that the permutations and combinations in which it could come were more than 8 and only one type was to be used. The length of the part was 70 mm and speed required was more than 30 parts per minute. This was a challenge which most bowl feeder manufacturers in Europe were not ready to take. Elscint took this up and achieved a speed of more than 35 parts per minute. A cast aluminium bowl was used with the tooling being in stainless steel. A linear track was attached in front of the bowl feeder. The track was completely machined from stainless steel. The required speed with the orientation was achieved by tilting the parts such that two types of the parts (2 out of 8) could be used instead of 1 out of 8. This helped increase the speed. The equipment was completed with the committed date and dispatched by Airfreight to the customer location in the Czech Republic. You can watch the video here.

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