Elscint has recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeder for feeding of plastic OVS parts in four outlets. The requirement was to feed them by ensuring that the parts come with the rubber side up. The weight of the parts was such that they came mostly in the opposite direction. Hence they had to be twisted in 180 degrees to get them in the right orientation. Twisting four outlets and that too at an high speed (60 parts per minute per row) is a difficult task. However, Elscint accomplished the same. The orientation too was critical as the difference between the top sides was less than 1 mm. Elscint designed proper changeover tooling to ensure that not a single wrongly oriented part comes out. Ahead of the bowl feeder, a 1000 mm long linear track was provided (again 4 outlets). Additionally, the complete system was mounted on a stainless steel stand and the base plate too was cladded with stainless steel. The controller and other electrical items were fitted below the table so that the whole unit looked like a single compact system.
Being a pharmaceutical requirement, the base plate was cladded in stainless steel. The touching parts were made in stainless steel 316 counting parts like the bowl and all pharma MOCs were used.

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