Sometimes the requirement is such that the customer does not prefer a vibratory feeder and in cases, a rotary or centrifugal feeder is required. For this specific requirements, Elscint has developed a special double disc rotary feeder. It can be used for many applications, including feeding to centreless grinding machines where the operation is through feed. A dia 600 mm bowl with an internal and external circulating disc is manufactured with separate driving systems. Both the discs are provided with variable drives ensuring that the feed rate, as required can be adjusted. Additionally, a 2 mtr. Long roller belt conveyor is provided ahead of the rotary feeder to take the parts upto the grinding wheel of the customer’s machine. This too is provided with a variable drive, thus ensuring that the input speed to the grinding machine is matched properly. The complete system is mounted on a stand with (+/-) 70 mm height adjustment and is completely enclosed with a mild steel enclosure on the sides along with a polycarbonate cover on the top. This type of rotary feeder ensures that there is negligible setting change between parts when the components change and all parts are fed in the same setting. The speed which can be achieved is upto 25 mtrs per minute. However, with the variable drive, it can be adjusted as per requirement. You can watch the video of the equipment.

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