Elscint recently manufactured and supplied two vibratory bowl feeders for feeding of Carbon Brushes to a company in the Czech Republic The carbon brushes were of two types and the requirement was for feeding them in separate bowl feeders. One was having size 12.50 x 5.9 x 30 mm tail / brush / thread. The thread / tail was slightly offset on one side and the requirement was that the same should be trailing. The tail being made of a thread was not rigid. This made the parts entangle and also jam at some points.
For this purpose, Elscint designed the bowl in such a way that the brushes with bent tail fell back into the bowl. This ensured proper feeding and increased speed / feed rate. As against a requirement of 40 parts per minute, more than 200 parts per minute was achieved for each of the bowl feeders. One was clockwise while the other was anti-clockwise in direction. In both the cases, stainless steel step design bowls were used and coated with Elscinthane PU coating.
Linear Track Provided –
In each case the required linear track length was 400 mm ahead of the bowl feeder. This was completely machined out of stainless steel. A sensor mounted on the same ensured that once the linear track is full, the bowl feeder could be switched off, so that the bowl feeder need not work continuously.
Controllers –
Elscint provided Frequency controllers for both the vibratory bowl feeder as well as the linear vibrator as requested by the customer. Model EFQ3 was used for the bowl feeder and EFQ1.5 for the linear vibrator.
Dispatch by Air Freight –
Both the bowl feeders were sent by air freight to the customer’s factory in the Czech Republic within the committed time. You can watch the video of the first bowl feeder and the video of the second bowl feeder video.

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