Elscint has developed a Cast Aluminium bowl which can be used as a change part for laminate tube making SAESA machines of AISA, Switzerland make. In case of laminate tube making machines, in case the cap which is used in that machine changes, the customer has to approach the machine manufacturer for the change parts consisting of firstly, the bowl and secondly for the chute or gravity track from the bowl to the line. The cost of importing these from the manufacturer in Switzerland is exorbitant and secondly, the delivery time too is very high. Elscint has developed these bowls and chutes for all types of caps including conical caps, used in case of toothpastes as well as shoulders etc. Elscint also provides the gravity chute or track ahead of the bowl which takes the caps / shoulders from the bowl to the pushing station. Elscint uses a Cast Aluminium bowl coated with Elscinthane PU coating for this application. The bowls can be either in clockwise or in anti-clockwise direction. Secondly, tracks can be a single one as well as double track as per the existing machine with the customer. Not only do all laminate tube manufacturers in India source their change parts from Elscint but also many outside India too have found Elscint change parts very useful and cost effective. Speeds of 180 to 280 caps per minute are achievable in either single or double outlet. Most of the vibrator drives on these machines are of RNA and Elscint bowls fit properly on the mounting. This makes it very easy for the laminate tube manufacturers to change over. Recently, Elscint supplied 3 such change parts to a company in Lebanon who has been purchasing these change parts from Elscint for the last 15 years. Manufacturers in India have been purchasing these for the last 25 years from Elscint. You can have a look at the video of a bowl for conical caps as well as regular caps.

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