Elscint recently manufactured a vibratory bowl feeder for a small part having dia 2.6 x 1.6 mm ht having a 0.6 mm chamfer on one side length. One side had a small chamfer of 0.6 mm. The chamfer end was required to be down while coming out flat on a linear vibrator.

As usual most bowl feeder manufacturers regrated this as it was in fact even difficult to observe the chamfer easily by a naked eye. However, Elscint took up the challenge and completed the bowl feeder in less than the quoted time. A speed of 100 parts per minute was observed as against the requirement of 25 parts per minute. The orientation was first made to ensure than the chamfer side was up. Thereafter the part was twisted in 180 degrees to get the chamfer side down. Twisting such a small part is not only very difficult but also requires a lot of skill which few new bowl toolers now possess. After twisting the part was got forward on a small linear vibrator of around 150 mm length and a non-vibrating portion was provided for the customer to arrange pick up of the oriented part.  

The bowl had a diameter of just 100 mm and the model used was Model 100 which incidentally also has a drive diameter of 100 mm only. The linear vibrator used was also a very small one (Model VI) You can watch the video of the Elscint Bowl feeder for feeding the small chamfer part.

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