Elscint has recently manufactured Vibratory Bowl Feeders for feeding of inhaler Pumps at a speed of 180 parts per minute. The requirement was to feed the same into the machine already available with a leading pharmaceutical company. The machine manufacturer had supplied a vibratory bowl feeder but as the orientation was done in a wrong manner, the inhaler pumps used to rotate inside the bowl, leading to marks on the cap of the inhaler pump. This was creating a lot of quality issues for the company as the inhaler cap was visible to the customer. Additionally, there were two types of inhaler  mm and another with caps, one with pump length of 68 mm and another with 85 mm length. Both these were fed in the same bowl feeder without the need for any changeover tooling.

            Elscint provided a solution by changing the orientation concept so that the inhaler pumps do not keep rotating inside the bowl and come out quickly. In fact, even the last inhaler pump came out of the bowl. Further, FDA Food Grade Elscinthane white colour coating was provided to ensure that there are no marks on the cap of the inhaler pump. Even the inside parts of the outer track which could touch the cap were also coated. The white Elscinthane coating is FDA approved for food purposes making is suitable for this application. As the bowl feeder was to be fixed on the present machine of the pharmaceutical company, (+/-) 50 mm ht. adjustment was provided along with X-Y Adjustment of (+/-) 25 mm, making it very easy to integrate.

You can watch the video of the Elscint Inhaler Pump with Cap.

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