Elscint, recently completed a project where the requirement was to feed metal discs having sizes from dia 15 mm to 30 mm onto a linear track for inspection. The customer wanted to inspect the same on the linear vibrator itself. Hence, Elscint provided its patented singulator to stop the part for inspection. Thereafter, on the linear vibrator itself, the disc was flipped 180 degrees so that the customer could inspect the other side. Again a singulator was provided at this position too to enable the stoppage of the discs for checking. All this was done with proper slots in the changeover tooling to ensure that discs from dia 15 mm to dia 30 mm could be accommodated. An air jet was also provided with a provision to throw out the wrong ones. The feeding to this linear vibrator was done from Elscint Model 250 with a dia 500 mm cast aluminium bowl which was coated with Elscinthane PU coating. The complete system was mounted on a single base plate and supplied to the customer with 6 weeks. You can watch the video of this feeding system.

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