Elscint recently manufactured a very high speed Vibratory Bowl Feeder for feeding of M3x 15 mm screws. The requirement was to feed these screws at a speed of 1200 screws per minute for vision inspection. Presently the customer had two bowl feeders, feeding at a speed of around 600 each and used alternatively. However, during merging of the two tracks, there used to be a lot of jamming and this resulted in loss of productivity. Hence, he wanted a single bowl feeder feeding at a minimum of 1200 parts per minute. However, the screw head being almost equal to its length, most of the screws would come in lengthwise direction, making high speed difficult to achieve. However, Elscint used a cast aluminum bowl for feeding of the screws and used proper tooling to ensure that the required speed was exceeded. A speed of 1500 parts per minute was achieved. Additionally, a single post stand with (+/-) 100 mm height adjustment, a 500 mm long linear track and an extra capacity hopper for storing 50 ltrs. Of screws was provided for ensuring easy integration with the customer’s machine.

You can watch the video of the Elscint high speed bowl feeder for screws

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