Elscint has teamed up with S4 Integration, SA for providing feeding solutions to the South African market. Presently, there are no major bowl feeder manufacturers in South Africa leading to a situation where most vibratory bowl feeders have to be imported from either Europe or the USA. This is a very costly proposition and additionally the transport cost too is very high. A stand alone bowl feeder bought from Europe of the USA is also of no use unless coupled with some local expertise. Against this, Elscint provides a very cost effective solution with European quality at an affordable price. On its part, S4 Integration is a leader in its field in South Africa with an incredible team of over 200 professionals from various industrial automation backgrounds. S4 Integration has a wide industry knowledge, with over 20 years’ experience in industrial automation. This coupled with Elscint’s experience of 40 years in the field of orientation and feeding, make it a win-win solution for the South African market. S4 Integration with Elscint can offer a variety of options concerning bowl feeders. These could be a stand-alone project, to feed into an existing line or as an integration part of an overall production line. While the feeding equipment will be sourced from Elscint, the integration can be done locally in South Africa, providing the customer with a total end to end solution. Do contact S4 Integration for your requirements.

You can watch video of some recently supplied systems to South Africa, the video of the bowl feeder for star washers and that of  bowl feeder for plastic clips.

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