Elscint recently manufactured and supplied a complete automation solution for a carbon brush manufacturer. The requirement was to grind the various sides of small carbon parts. The customer was having similar grinding machines for this operation. All the machines had to be fed manually. The customer, located in Kolkatta approached Elscint to automate all his processes and even sent one machine to Elscint for integration. Elscint provided him automation for all his processes and proved the same on the machine sent. The automation was done by using a small vibratory bowl feeder having dia 220 mm which fed the carbon parts and then a pneumatic cylinder was used to feed them to the grinding machine. After the grinding operation, the parts automatically fell into a bin. Elscint has completed 4 operations by supplying 4 separate machines and 4 more machines are in process. For some proc

 esses, a single pneumatic cylinder was used while for the others, two cylinders were required. The carbon part was very small, having size 7 x 4 x 5.2 mm which made it difficult to orient and feed manually at a high speed. Elscint achieved speeds between 15 to 30 parts per minute for the various processes.

            You can watch the video of the sideways grinding process and the video of the bottom side grinding process.

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