Elscint recently manufactured and supplied six large bowl feeders using its highly stable model 630 with 1100 mm diameter bowls for feeding of drum closures. The drum closures were of two sizes, dia 78 x 15 mm and dia 46 x 15 mm. Both the sizes were fed in the bowl feeders with orientation being flange down. The flange being a Hex, the output was provided in across flat condition. As the parts were metallic and the bowl being fabricated in stainless steel, there was a lot of noise due to metal to metal contact. This was reduced by providing Elscinthane PU coating. This not only reduced the noise level to around 78 Db from more than 85 db but also ensured enhanced and smooth feeding. All the 6 bowl feeders were provided with Frequency controllers, namely, Model EFQ10. This is a high stable controller ensuring stable voltage and stable frequency in the long run. Additionally, as the bowl feeders were to be ultimately supplied to the USA, Elscint ensured that they run properly both on 220 V / 50 Hz and 110 V / 60 Hz supply. Ensuring this is possible as Elscint has a test set up to check the same at this frequency and voltage. All the parts of the vibratory drives are machined on a CNC with exact accuracy and plus the fact that Elscint coils and magnets are of the correct rating, ensures that the build quality of Elscint vibratory drives is better than any other make and provides long lasting superior performance.  All the six large bowl feeders were completed within 6 weeks of the receipt of the order to the satisfaction of the customer. You can watch the video of the bowl feeder here.

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