Elscint recently manufactured a high speed cap feeder for feeding of various sies of caps. The caps ranged from dia 15 x 8 mm ht to dia 35 x 15 mm ht. There were a total of 4 caps in this range. The requirement was to feed them in “open side up” orientation at a very high speed. Elscint used its Model 630 for this purpose with a stainless steel bowl having diameter of 1050 mm. Use of small air jets was permitted and this were used effectively to increase the speed. A speed of 1000 caps per minute was achieved for dia 15 mm caps, which translates into a linear speed of 15 metres. In case of the biggest size of dia 35, the speed achieved was 350 parts per minute, again a linear speed of more than 12 metres per minute. Regular vibratory feeders work at a maximum speed of 7 to 8 metres per minute. However, Elscint drives are correctly engineered with CNC machining along with properly processed spring plates and with correct coil rating. Model 630 in fact has 4 coils fixed at 4 places along the periphery of the vibrator. All this ensures that the vibrators cn work optimally giving a very speed with the correct orientation. You can watch the video of the bowl feeder here.

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