Elscint recently got featured as one of the top industrial manufacturing start ups of India in the Best Startup Asia findings (https://beststartup.asia/). The article, written by Mark Fitz featured 32 companies including stalwarts like SAIL, Cochin Shipyard (which recently built the INS Vikrant), Ingersoll Rand, SMTI etc. Elscint found a mention as having innovative ideas and products as well as an innovative route to market along with having good management with a societal impact. Being in the line of feeding systems, Elscint has to deal with a huge variety of products which need to be fed, these range from parts ranging from bottles to caps to automobile parts. Elscint has even fed parts like scrubbers for washing utensils as well as sachets of dishwasher cleaning powder. Parts like engine valves, camphor tablets to mosquito repellents have also been fed at various times. Small parts having sizes of 1 mm or less to bottles having diameter 65 mm x 140 mm ht. Further, all types of materials too have been fed, right from polyamide, plastic to carbide to even nuclear pellets. Many times, it is observed for the same dimensional part, if the material changes, the performance in the bowl too changes. All this requires an innovative mindset with a continous learning attitude. Elscint nurtures the right type of talent to make this possible. In fact, a new bowl tooler takes almost two years to get trained. With the in-house training provided by Elscint, this period is compressed to less than six months for the correct type of skilled technicians. All this has translated into Elscint being recognized as an innovative manufacturing company. You can read the article here.  

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