Elscint recently supplied 8 bowl feeders for 5 different components to a poultry equipment manufacturer who was manufacturing special purpose machines for automating his own assembly line. He was manufacturing two machines which required four bowl feeders each. Three parts were common in the machines while the fourth one was different for each machine. There was a plastic housing in which all the parts were assembled. These were fed in one particular direction in a tube. Then came metal weight and metal pin. Both having a head and a tail. These were fed in a tube with the tail leading. All these three parts were not only fed in a tube but a singulator / pneumatic escapement was provided which ensured that a single component was released based on a signal from the supplier. Elscint’s patented Pneumatic escapement was used for the singulation.

Thereafter came the metal bush which were different for both the machines. Both these were having a counter on one side and a slight chamfer on the other. As the parts were just dia 6 mm x 5.50 mm in ht,  the orientation was very difficult. After the bowl feeder, a linear vibrator with a 300 mm long track was provided along with a pneumatic singulator for ease of pick up. The customer placed the order in the second week of March, 2021, just before the lockdown. As Elscint was in operation even during the lockdown period, all the eight bowl feeders were completed within 7 weeks and dispatched to the customer’s plant.

You can watch the video of the bowl feeder for the first bush and that of  bowl feeder for the second bush. The video of the metal pin can be seen here.

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